Welcome to the Ashtanga Yoga Studio

There are three ways to start practicing if you are new to yoga or Ashtanga.


Basics Workshop

This two-session workshop held on two consecutive Mondays each month, is intended only for beginners. It offers a space to learn the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga at a slow pace with the opportunity to ask questions as we go along. Classes in the basics workshop focus on learning sun salutations, and move on to the fundamental standing and seated postures, as well as beginning backbends with variations.


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Level I Classes

If you are new to Ashtanga or new to yoga altogether, Level I classes are appropriate for you. The poses taught in this class may be familiar if you have practiced yoga before; we will show you how to sequence the poses with the breath, which is the key to the Ashtanga method.

These classes include sun salutations and basic standing and seated postures from the Primary Series, as well as beginning back bends, with variations.

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Mysore classes are how many of us first began our Ashtanga practice. Mysore may sound intimidating to the uninitiated because it is open to students at all levels, but Mysore is equally appropriate for beginners and advanced students alike. In these classes, you will have the opportunity to engage in an intensely private self-practice within a group setting, with the teacher providing individualized supervision.

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