About Mysore

Mysore classes are based on the yoga classes taught in Mysore, India, by Sri K. Pattahbi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga. Teachers do not lead Mysore classes, but instead supervise students as they work on their own self-practice. Students learn and build on their practice at an individualized pace under the guidance of the teacher, who offers appropriate adjustments and modifications.

All students begin their practice with sun salutations and conclude with finishing poses and shivasana (rest). As a student’s practice develops, the teacher adds more poses. This method encourages independence and self-confidence in each student’s practice at an appropriate level for them. Learning by this method is relatively slow and requires patience, but is deeply rewarding.

Although a quiet room of students practicing at varied levels may seem intimidating at first, Mysore classes are perfectly appropriate for beginning students to learn Ashtanga yoga.

Students are encouraged to go to at least three Mysore classes per week, so that they can master the correct sequence of poses and make steady, safe progress.

To accommodate our small space, we stagger start times by offering two “shifts” of registration for Mysore classes.  The shifts delineate the window of time in which you can arrive. 



In keeping with tradition, we do not hold Mysore classes on Moon Days, which are the days of the new and full moon. 

Upcoming Moon Days


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