What is Mysore?

A personalized, accessible approach to yoga

A Mysore yoga practice allows you to enjoy an approach to yoga that's truly yours: you practice at the pace that's right for you, and at your level - and by learning the sequence of poses, you can take your practice anywhere in the world - even your own home, for those snowy days.


You'll benefit from individual attention from teachers, who know you and your practice, give you assistance and adjustments, instruction, encouragement, and challenge you as you go. 

  • Mysore is meditative - the room is quiet, the gaze is focused, and the breath sets your rhythm, allowing you to explore the internal nature of the practice. 
  • Mysore starts when you're ready - just arrive during the class window, roll out your mat, and begin. 
  • Mysore is flexible. Feeling a little creaky? Go slower and modify. Seeking more of a challenge? Work deeper. You control your practice. 
  • Mysore provides community. Although the room is silent, the effect and energy of practicing near others who are working and breathing on the mats surrounding yours is powerful.

Two easy ways to get started with Mysore:

  • It's simple! Join us at 6:45am on Monday or Thursday and let the instructor know you're new!
  • Explore a more intensive introduction to Mysore Sundays at 9:45am

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Why practice yoga first thing in the morning?


Establish a healthy, maintainable routine


 Set the stage for a peaceful, grounded day.


Make healthier choices in the hours that follow.


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