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Meditation — Establishing a Daily Practice with Matteo Pistono

  • 5117 MacArthur Blvd Washington, DC, 20016 United States (map)

Friday, Feb 26, 6:15-7:45 pm, 

Saturday, Feb 27, 3-5 pm, 

Sunday Feb 28, 3-5 pm

Each two-hour slot will include a number of short meditation sessions, and we will also talk about posture, mindfulness and awareness and concentration, utilizing breathing techniques, establishing a practice at home, among other topics. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and your questions, and I’ll bring homemade chai. 

The three days of meditation sessions have been designed progressively so you are encouraged to attend all three. However, if you are are only able to come to one or two of the session, that is also fine. I understand that we are all busy, but I hope you can to take a few hours for your meditation practice because as my teacher says, “When you are busy and in a hurry, slow down.” 

We will practice mindfulness of the breath, of which variations can be found in Zen, Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism, and yogic traditions. We will also learn how to settle the mind in its natural state, where thoughts and emotions arise and settle without them distracting us from our meditation. Through meditation practice we can discover the deep stillness and luminous awareness that we are never separate from, even during our fast-paced and hectic lives.